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Company’s Description: Shoppers Stop is an e-com market place which caters users with the lifestyle, fashion, accessories, etc. There over 1 million products with 2.6 million users. The company's vision is 'To be the place where the modern Indians shop for them. Although they have physical stores with a heavy brand name but to make the shopping easier for the users in today’s busy live, they are online as well .There are 86 stores across 40 cities in India, with clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, jewellery, fragrances, cosmetics, health and beauty products, home furnishing and decor products. Campaign's Description: Shoppersstop [CPS] IN is an affiliate program for the publishers to earn commissions once the user makes a purchase through the affiliate link.  It is a CPS campaign in which validation will be done on delivered orders . No pay-out on orders below order value of INR 501. The targetting is only for INDIA Geo. And the commission would be awarded all the delivered and approved sales whose order amount is above INR 500. Objective: To drive sales through the Affiliate link


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